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The simple, fast way to sell commercial insurance online.


Joshu gives you the tools to take your business to the next level.

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    Quickly create and sell your insurance products online.

    Why build a custom solution in-house or outsource to a development team with a timeline of months or years, when you can get up and running on Joshu in a matter of days? Our tools are designed specifically for commercial insurance carriers and MGAs to create products, launch online stores, and start generating premiums faster than ever before.

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    Focus on your product, forget about managing the technology.

    You’re the expert on insurance. Why worry about software development? We’ve built a modern, robust digital workflow specifically for you. It includes a simple but powerful admin space to create and manage your products, and online stores customized to your brand. We help with the initial set up, then get out of the way so you can get to work.

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    Faster and smarter. The power of a modern paperless workflow.

    Stop pushing paper, moving attachments around, and sending submissions through complex manual business processes. Your underwriters should be risk experts, not data entry clerks. With Joshu, you can generate quotes automatically in seconds, and control which steps need underwriter review. With our simple online interface you’ll save costs and improve hit ratios.

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    Continuously experiment, optimize and grow your business.

    Joshu shows you how brokers and insureds answer application questions. You can use these insights to eliminate confusion, reduce friction, and get submissions that result in a better rating. When it’s this easy to change, you can experiment, adapt, and improve your product quickly and easily. It’s one of the most exciting benefits of an online workflow.

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    Reduce the time and cost of digital transformation.

    Custom software projects start with quotes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and promise fast turnaround. But they can end with millions of dollars and years stuck in development. Our easy configuration allows us to charge a low setup fee with a volume-based subscription model. Our incentives are aligned with yours and your success is ours.

Simple, easy-to-use tools get you online one step at a time.

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    Fast Setup. We get you started in the right direction, and provide as much help as you need along the way.

    • Discuss Requirements

      We’ll discuss your current business and goals for digital distribution, identify the first product to start with, set up an account, and get the platform ready for you.

    • Create Your Account

      Once it’s ready, we’ll send you an email invite. All you need to do is set a password and you’ll be ready to start creating products, or we can set up products for you.

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    Create Products. Take an existing product online, or try something new. With Joshu, you can create digital products in a matter of hours.

    • Customize Application

      Use our intuitive Application Builder to create an easy-to-answer form with all the questions you need, complete with branching and validation.

    • Connect Your Rating Model

      Have a rater built with a spreadsheet? We’ll help you connect it to our platform and automate the rating process.

    • Customize Documents

      Connect existing documents into the system with simple parameters for automatic document generation on each quote and bind.

    • Integrate Data Providers

      Ever wanted to enrich your model with 3rd-party data providers but found it too hard? With API support, Joshu makes it easy.

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    Create Stores. Add products to stores—as many as you need. Want separate stores for different channels? You have that flexibility now.

    • Choose Store Type

      For brokers or direct? You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. We have the right flow for your distribution channel.

    • Brand Your Store

      Add your logo and brand colors to the store to make it yours. Custom fonts are also available for key parts of the template.

    • Add Products

      Add any of the products you created to your store. You can pick and choose, mix and match. The choice is up to you. And it’s easy to change your mind.

    • Invite People

      Control who has access to your store or make it open. You can post a link, invite brokers, or approve new signups.

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    Optimize & Grow. Now that your workflow is digital, you have access to data, and you can move quickly.

    • View Reports

      See how your products perform and identify low-hanging fruit. Export all submissions, quotes, or binds to bordereaux.

    • Experiment & Adapt

      Quickly modify products to adapt to changing needs. Experiment in new markets. Change your store, or launch another one. Run lean and agile.

Industry experience. Technology experts.

Uniquely positioned to serve insurance professionals.

Joshu is uniquely positioned to serve insurance professionals. The team has previous experience developing successful digital solutions for commercial insurance. And as product design and software development experts, we can help you transition to digital as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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  • Partners & Advisors

    Funded by partners at Blumberg Capital, Engineering Capital, Correlation Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, and Sure Ventures.


  • The master said, Simply remake what has gone by and work with what comes. If you do not remake, you are stuck.
  • A monk asked, What is Joshu? The master replied, East gate, west gate, south gate, north gate.
  • A monk asked, What is my teacher? The master replied, Clouds rising out of the mountains, streams entering the valley without a sound.
  • A monk asked, Where can I be of service? The master replied, Where can you not be of service?

— Sayings of Zen master Joshu (778–897)